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Javascript Error In Webresource.axd

The point is that a wildcard ISAPI extension intercepts all requests and is executed as the first step for every of them; since WebResource.axd does not exist as a file on tip You can also use single request for all scripts and a combined base stylesheet request to greatly reduce the number of network requests. The most common errors are "This is an invalid webresource request" 404 and 500: This is an Invalid WebResource Request Such issues often come up when a user has a copy Also I made additional testing and I received the same error as yours when some of the controlIDs in ControlsToCheck is wrong, e.g.: <%@ Register TagPrefix="telerik" Assembly="Telerik.Web.UI" Namespace="Telerik.Web.UI" %>              Untitled Page      http://canondrivebh.com/javascript-error/javascript-error-webresource-axd.html

I have been checking the javascript code that is autogenerated by infragistic and everything looks fine so i do not know what else to do. After doing that, the page is showing an error message and I cannot use the scroll bar of the comboboxGrid any more because of the javascript error. After having this problem in one of my applications, doing a lot of googling on it, and eventually fixing it, I feel it's my turn to add to the fray of That’s 13 different web requests on each page load.

Unauthorized Access (401) Error When your project uses a form of authentication (e.g., Windows Authentication), access to most resources (like pages, images, handlers) is not allowed for anonymous (unauthorized users). A neat addition to this would be to combine all of them into a single minified script.2) Maybe have an option to not combine and minify the scripts when the application My other customers are all setup up with IE 7.0 and use the McAfee Virus Scan that comes with SonicWall. Create new language version for content branch Make an ASCII bat fly around an ASCII moon How do I make a second minecraft account for my son?

A batch of ScriptResource.axd requests like that are usually due to ASP.NET controls registering includes to the scripts that they're dependent on, especially scripts for the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit controls. I have the application errors forwarded to my blackberry and one particular customer continues to get the following error daily. up vote 1 down vote favorite 1 What is ScriptResource.axd? If you're using Blowery, then simply remove the httpmodule line in web.config (or web.configs if you're running in a load balanced environment), save, and test.

But since the session gets deleted, the user is redirected back to Login page. Thanks! #Troubleshooting WebResource.axd giridhar Commented on 5/8/2007 1:20 AM this is dotnet stuff #Troubleshooting WebResource.axd Moly B Commented on 5/12/2007 10:35 AM Brilliant! Double-click the page to open the HTML output of the page Double-click the script file Set breakpoints and perform an action to trigger the script To debug inline script, you can What happens to articles when dealing with abbrevations?

The problem can have different symptoms and manifest in different ways, but essentially it has a common root cause and I have already discussed some of the aspects (for example see But it also has 9 other javascript includes in the page too. Delete the website.2. Changing this to the Telerik versions is not an option.

Why aren't sessions exclusive to an IP address? Update: If you're having AXD related problems with the SQL Server Report Viewer web control under Longhorn/IIS7, then this link might be of help to you. I know I could have done this in the Regex pattern... I would lost without you guys in the .net community.

In IE the errors are like: Syntax error: WebResource.axd Line: 1 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI: http://intranet/WebResource.axd?d=vpxv... http://canondrivebh.com/javascript-error/javascript-error-ie6.html Nasty. Basically, after validating login, I save user roles in session state. using Response.ContentType == "application/x-javascript" as was suggested ealier does not help (or may be i am using it incorrectly)..Thanks for any help,hfal# December 3. 2008 14:01Hi Mads Kristensen I have used

All rights reserved. Some clients work, and some don't. The ScriptResource.axd is using HTTP compression but WebResource.axd does not. Check This Out This MSDN article describes how to create a custom machine key. "Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.

They are use to load resources such as javascripts or css but but their content depends of course on their generator component. Meaning the following can be used to get past the check.http://website/js.axd?path=/robots.txt%3FRESOURCE.AXDThat said you can only get files that the webserver is willing to serve up, so it can't be used to I know that's a fairly useless way to start out, but it gets better, I promise.

Previously, ASP.NET 1.1 used the aspnet_client directory whereas now 2.0 uses WebResource.axd.

It fixed some, but not all. They must be set to the same value on all nodes. If Script Explorer is missing for you, you can use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+N), or add it to the IDE. However I have a couple suggestions that would make this even better...1) The CodePlex Issue Tracker page has 13 ScriptResource/WebResource .axd script includes.

nothing worked... and/or other countries. I expected to find more information. http://canondrivebh.com/javascript-error/how-to-fix-javascript-errors.html Copy the url, and paste it into your browser.

For the axd mapping, the path had \\ instead of \ and removing one of these fixed the issue! #re: Troubleshooting WebResource.axd RogueDeveloper Commented on 10/15/2009 3:24 PM I had a See Trademarks or appropriate markings. need to find out the stuff inside it. #re: Troubleshooting WebResource.axd Smitha Commented on 5/16/2008 7:33 PM My previous comment of commenting Global_AcquireRequestState, is a bad idea, after googling i found It still fails - but as I said - only in release mode.

The following method is nice and simple, and can be done using only clientside JavaScript if required, or combined with server side code in order to create a more dynamic effect Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up what is ScriptResource.axd in the page load in web app? Terms of UseSite FeedbackPrivacy Policy Powered by Progress Sitefinity Blog Sign in Join ASP.NET Home Get Started Learn Hosting Downloads Community Overview Community Spotlight Articles of the Day What's new Community We've been banging our heads against this problem for months.

This solved my issue... after changing the compression level to none, the problem was solved. Published on October 8, 2006 jQuery Wildcard Selectors - some simple examples I wrote about jQuery wildcard selector syntax briefly back in 2009, and since then that post has received a Is this homebrew elemental spear balanced?

Is there anything between you and the web server such as a ISA Server or other web cache which could be interfering with things? #Troubleshooting WebResource.axd Suvarna Commented on 5/18/2007 3:43 Just had to remove it from the module, something like: string relative = match.Groups[1].Value; if (relative[0] == '/') relative = relative.Substring(1); list.Add(relative);(Yeah... If you’re a YSlow nazi like me, this is a must-have.How it worksTo make it work, we need both an HttpModule and an HttpHandler.The moduleThe module looks for resource scripts in If you're using blowery, it will look something like this: This is needed, however in my case it wasn't