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Jdbc Sqlexception Error Codes


Configuration details: ===================== Os:windows 2008 sql server version:2012 driver name:jtds How to fix this problem in java.awaiting for your replies.thanks in advance. If he'll pass a user-friendly message instead, the DBA might not understand what happened. XBM0G Failed to start encryption engine. An input host variable may not be within the range the server supports. Source

See chained exceptions for details. 58009 Insufficient data while reading from the network - expected a minimum of bytes and received only bytes. XBCX1 Initializing cipher with illegal mode, must be either ENCRYPT or DECRYPT. SQLClientInfoException is thrown when one or more client information properties could not be set on a Connection. XCL30 An IOException was thrown when reading a '' from an InputStream.

Jdbc Sqlexception Error Codes

Recruiter wants me to take a loss upon hire What are the legal consequences for a tourist who runs out of gas on the Autobahn? 90 day visa waiver for the X0X95 Operation '' cannot be performed on object '' because there is an open ResultSet dependent on that object. Table 28. XBCM3 Method () does not exist in generated class .

Further information: ''. Lots of them are connected to some low-level operation (say, additional space cannot be allocated for table or index). The LTRIM() and RTRIM() built-in functions support multiple trim characters. 22028 The string exceeds the maximum length of . 22501 An ESCAPE clause of NULL returns undefined results and is not Sqlexception In Java XJ103 Table name can not be null XJ104 Shared key length is invalid: .

Please upgrade to JCE 1.2.1 and try the operation again. This can be used to provided additional error information. Class 08: Connection Exception SQLSTATE Message Text 08000 Connection closed by unknown interrupt. 08000 Cannot close a connection with an active transaction. ORA-17008 Closed Connection ORA-17057 Closed LOB ORA-17010 Closed Resultset ORA-17009 Closed Statement ORA-17105 connection session time zone was not set ORA-17065 Conversion class is null ORA-17118 could not obtain ID for

All Rights Reserved. How To Handle Database Exceptions In Java It cannot be a null or more than one character. 22025 Escape character must be followed by escape character, '_', or '%'. X0X11 The USING clause did not return any results so no parameters can be set. XBCXO Cannot encrypt the database when there is a global transaction in the prepared state.

Sqlexception Error Codes List

X0X67 Columns of type '' may not be used in CREATE INDEX, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT or DISTINCT statements because comparisons are not supported for that type. All rights reserved.Terms of Use|Trademarks|Privacy Statement|Site Feedback FAQs Search RecentTopics FlaggedTopics HotTopics Best Topics Register / Login This week's book giveaway is in the Security forum.We're giving away four copies of Jdbc Sqlexception Error Codes Not the answer you're looking for? Java Sqlexception Error Codes Oracle When such an exception occurs, an object of type SQLException will be passed to the catch clause.

X0Y16 '' is not a view. this contact form X0X60 A cursor with name '' already exists. XIE0J A delimiter is not valid or is used more than once. Parameters: reason - a description of the exception SQLException public SQLException() Construct an SQLException; reason defaults to null, SQLState defaults to null and vendorCode defaults to 0. getSQLState public String Sql Exception Handling In Java

Class 58: DRDA Network Protocol: Protocol Error SQLSTATE Message Text 58009 Network protocol exception: only one of the VCM, VCS length can be greater than 0. For each column, at least one of the rows must have a non-parameter. 42Y11 A join specification is required with the '' clause. 42Y12 The ON clause of a JOIN is The connection has been terminated. 0A000 JDBC method is not yet implemented. 0A000 JDBC method is not supported by the server. have a peek here When an exception condition occurs, an exception is thrown.

XJ009 Use of CallableStatement required for stored procedure call or use of output parameters: XJ010 Cannot issue savepoint when autoCommit is on. Getsqlstate There is no constraint '' on table ''. 42X87 At least one result expression (THEN or ELSE) of the '' expression must not be a '?'. 42X88 A conditional has a The database used is Oracle 11g.

parameter as an operand. 42X37 The unary '' operator is not allowed on the '' type. 42X38 'SELECT *' only allowed in EXISTS and NOT EXISTS subqueries. 42X39 Subquery is only

When the SELECT list contains at least one aggregate then all entries must be valid aggregate expressions. 42Y36 Column reference '' is invalid. XBCXM The length of the external encryption key must be an even number. The connection has been terminated. 58009 Attempt to fully materialize lob data that is too large for the JVM. Sqlexception Error Code 1 XBM0W An exception was thrown while creating an instance of class registered for identifier .

Class 0A: Feature not supported SQLSTATE Message Text 0A000 Feature not implemented: . 0A000 The DRDA command is not currently implemented. XBCXU Encryption of an un-encrypted database failed: XBCXV Encryption of an encrypted database with a new key or a new password failed: Table 24. Valid values are greater than or equal to 1. 42X58 The number of columns on the left and right sides of the must be the same. 42X59 The number of Check This Out Normally this will be the actual error code returned by the underlying database.

XBCXL The verification process for the encryption key was not successful. Parameters: ex - the new end of the SQLException chain All Packages Class Hierarchy This Package Previous Next Index Submit a bug or feature Community Teradata Community Browse Register ยท Sign If it is a table, then use DROP TABLE instead. XJ061 The '' method is only allowed on scroll cursors.

Please make sure that backup copy is the correct one and it is not corrupted. XCL33 The table cannot be defined as a dependent of table because of delete rule restrictions. (The relationship is self-referencing and a self-referencing relationship already exists with the SET NULL XJ079 The length specified '' exceeds the size of the BLOB/BLOB. The database being accessed is at version level '', this software is at version level ''.